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Submit your abstract to present at this year's AGIC Symposium! Details on presentation types and topic areas are listed below. Hurry because the deadline to submit an abstract is midnight, May 11, 2018.  

Attendees from past conferences have indicated that they prefer presentations and hands on workshops that allow them to preview new and innovative uses for geospatial technology, teach them new techniques, introduce them to new concepts and ideas, or offer tips on how to improve their work. Speakers are encouraged to incorporate takeaways and lessons learned into their presentations. All abstract submittals will be evaluated based on these concepts. 

Presentation Types:

  1. 5 to 7 minute "Lightning Talk" - These presentations will be grouped with other "lightning talk" presentations on the same general topic. Time limits will be strictly enforced! If you are selected for one of these sessions, further instructions will be provided.

  2. 25 minute presentation - These presentations should have a broad general appeal to the Arizona GIS Community. Preference is given to presentations that are more educational in nature ("educate" rather than "tell"). For example, instead of telling the audience about a project you completed, tell about the project while explaining how you accomplished it and any lessons learned along the way.  The 25 minute time slot includes time for questions.  Speakers are encouraged to limit presentations to 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.  

  3. Hands-on workshop - A computer lab will be available at the event. Hands-on workshops allow attendees to get hands-on experience with GIS and related technology. These educational workshops are limited to 90 minutes, however we will consider a limited number of half-day (3 hour) workshops. Instructors must supply their own printed materials for workshop attendees. Space will be limited to available seats and sign-up will be required for attendees. When completing the abstract submission form, please be sure to include details on any software you will need pre-loaded onto the workshop computers.

Presentation Topic Areas:

(items in bold are emphasis areas we are particularly interested in for this year) 

  • Analysis with GIS
    Projects that involved using GIS to perform data analysis
  • Arizona Tribal Community Session
    A session specific to geospatial issues among Arizona Native American Tribes
  • Data Modeling
    Using GIS for data modeling - building models, running models, applications of models, etc.
  • Data Standards, Legal Issues, etc.
    Topics related to the development/integration of standards for geospatial technologies and legal issues related to GIS projects/applications/development/use
  • Demographics (Census, Health, etc.)
    Topics related to using GIS to analyze, use, and develop demographic, health, and economic data
  • Emergency Management (E911 Session)
    Emergency management such as assessment, planning, data gathering, and information sharing related to preparedness, E911, etc.
  • Environmental, Agriculture, Natural Resources
    Topics specifically related to GIS for agriculture, environmental applications, natural resources, and related applications
  • Field Data Collection
    Presentations on field data collection activities, challenges, lessons learned, new approaches, etc.
  • GIS in Action (Applications of GIS)
    Presentations that highlight GIS technology in use - project development, lessons learned, use of the application, etc.
  • GIS Programming, Web Services, and Applications
    Online GIS applications, mobile mapping, using web/mobile to distribute and/or collect data, GIS services, etc.
  • GPS, Geodesy, Survey, Accuracy and GIS
    GIS used in survey applications such as integration of CAD, data collection with GPS, use of geodetic tools and techniques, survey-accurate GIS, etc.
  • Innovative Use of Geospatial Technology
    The ideas are endless here - any innovative use of geospatial technology
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Imagery, LiDAR, Remote Sensing
    Topics related to imagery acquisition/use, use of LiDAR, remote sensing, etc.
  • Transportation and Utilities
    Topics specifically realted to using GIS for transporation, utlities (gas, electric, pipeline, telecommunications, water, wastewater, and related applications)

If you have a topic area that is not listed above, you may still submit for consideration.

Please note that presenters are still responsible for their conference registration and fees.

Deadline for abstract submission is 11:59p.m. May 11, 2018.

The Fine Print

AGIC reserves the right to reject presentations and posters that are advertisements, political messages, inconsistent with the character of the Conference, or otherwise not appropriate for a GIS Conference.

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