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Upgrade Your Designs: Become a Data Viz Wiz


Upgrade Your Design: Become a Data Viz Wiz

Presenter: Jami Dennis

In this technical session we will take the lessons taught in the "Better by Design: The Power of Data Visualization" session and put them into action. Take a guided tour through a variety of data visualizations, transforming them into effective designs that engage the reader and provoke understanding. This is an excellent opportunity to see first hand the power of effective data visualization practices in action. Come get inspired and start on the path towards becoming a true Data Viz Wiz!

Takeaway: Learn how to improve your data visualizations to make them more powerful and effective

Who should attend: Anyone wanting to improve their maps, graphs, charts, and other data visualizations. While it is helpful, you do not need to have attended the "Better by Design" session in order to attend this one. 


Upgrade Your Designs: Become a Data Viz Wiz
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