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Application Integration 101: Connecting Business Systems with FME


Application Integration 101: Connecting Business Systems with FME

Presenter: Holly Coxon

Application integration is increasingly being implemented by organizations to enable data to flow freely between systems, improving operational efficiency while delivering actionable insight. Teams can keep using their preferred applications with the confidence that data is up-to-date for staff and external vendors. We'll show you how to automate application integration using event-driven workflows, how to build API access, and using webhooks in FME. We'll also highlight use cases that local government agencies, utilities, and transportation companies around the world are implementing. FME might be known traditionally to GIS departments, but the FME Platform extends to the entire organization, bringing in departments and tools like asset management, finance, operations, and more. By allowing data to move smoothly throughout your organization, you can automate repetitive tasks using a drag-and-drop interface, and access and share data using the best fit-for-purpose applications.

Takeaway: Attendees will learn tips and resources to implement application integration within their organization. They will walk away with an understanding of application integration concepts and how it can be implemented to allow applications and systems to communicate with each other without manual intervention.

Who should attend: GIS Technicians, IT Technicians, IT Applications Managers

Application Integration 101: Connecting Business Systems with FME
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