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On-Demand Vertical and 3D Topographic Differencing on OpenTopography


On-demand Vertical and 3D Topographic Differencing on OpenTopography

Presenter: Chelsea Scott, Christopher Crosby

High resolution topography is a powerful tool for observing the Earth's geological, vegetation, and urban environments. Increasingly, areas are surveyed with multiple topographic datasets. Differencing multi-temporal topographic data (points or digital elevation models"”DEMs) reveals changes to natural and anthropogenic landscapes with broad applications in hazard management, industry, urban planning, and research. OpenTopography is a National Science Foundation-funded facility that provides open access to topographic data and processing tools. In 2019, OpenTopography added vertical raster-based differencing for multi-temporal datasets hosted by OpenTopography. In early 2020, we released 3D topographic differencing. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to use our portal for topographic differencing, discuss new insights for best practices, and show insights gained from several key examples.

Takeaway: Topographic differencing is one of OpenTopography's newest features. We hope that this tool helps to democratize access to high res topography and state-of-the-art processing tools. By the end of the presentation, the audience should know how to use OpenTopography's portal for differencing and understand the basics of what is happening to get the results.

Who should attend: Data analysts, programmers, people interested in new applications of Lidar.

On-Demand Vertical and 3D Topographic Differencing on OpenTopography
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