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UAS Special Interest Group, part 2


A Review and Recap of the AGIC UAS Fly-in Virtual Event
Presenters: Chuck Powell, Kasey Green, Nikolas Smilovsky, Chelsea Scott, Robert Davis, Virgil Coxon

Adapting to the challenging times in 2020, the AGIC Unmanned Aerial Systems workgroup decided to host two virtual fly-in events for public engagement and education. These two events brought together a group of professionals, experts, and beginners to discuss best management practices having to do with collecting drone data and processing these data. Specifically a project was flown and these corresponding data were distributed freely to the public. A call was issued for anyone interested in processing the data to complete the computation and report back to the group during the second event. Multiple software packages and techniques were discussed. This presentation seeks to review and recap these events for anyone who was unable to attend live. The recap will be followed by a more in-depth round table discussion with the original panelists.

Who Should Attend: Anyone, novice or experienced, will benefit from this presentation.

UAS Panel Discussion
Moderator: Nik Smilovsky

UAS professionals will have a round table discussion on the geospatial output from drone collection, current industry trends, and FAA regulations.

UAS Special Interest Group, part 2
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