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Professional Development 3


Carpe Geo, Part Deux -- Presentation and Panel Discussion

Moderator: Jenna Leveille
Panelists: Bill Johnson, Tonya Kauhi, David Moss

This session will build upon the ideas presented in the 2019 AGIC keynote address: Carpe Geo and Parvum Momentum with a focus on understanding the transformation involved in advancing from a GIS technical worker to a GIS leader. Bill Johnson will present Carpe Geo, Part Deux at the start of the session, and then we will move to a panel discussion moderated by Jenna Leveille with panelists Bill, Tonya Kauhi, and David Moss. This is a great opportunity to learn from senior GIS professionals who have “been there, done that” and are happy to share their insights and hard-earned career wisdom with you. You will have the opportunity to ask your career growth questions to this outstanding panel.

Help us make this session more valuable to you, submit topics or questions you would like discussed by our panel here


  • Understanding your own career trajectory
  • How to identify the highest priorities for your attention and focus
  • Essential characteristics of a successful GIS leader
  • Advice tailored to your specific questions

Who should attend: Anyone interested in career growth 

Professional Development 3
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