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Professional Development 2


Maintaining Connections in Changing Times

Presenter: Tonya Kauhi

With many of our lives forever changed by the pandemic and confusing, conflicting news coming at us every day, it can be difficult to keep moving forward, maintain a positive outlook, stay connected, and focus on your success. However, there are great things happening every day: medical breakthroughs, new businesses, neighbors helping one another, emerging technologies, reduced emissions, and more. So how, amidst chaos, do we still see people accomplishing great things? The key is maintaining a positive mindset, focus, and connections.

Takeaway: Speaker Tonya Kauhi will share how a positive approach and professional connections are not only beneficial for your organization but also your career and ultimately identifying and following your passion.

Who should attend: Anyone wanting to learn how to build your career, establish connections, and experience professional growth

The GIS Management Blueprint II

Presenter: David Moss

There are many people and groups that share traits and guidelines on How to Become a Better Leader. This information is great, but what they don’t tell you is that not everyone has the personality and grit to be a leader let alone a great leader. This is important because if you are in a role that requires a leader and this is not what you are; then you need to recognize this situation and know how to resolve this disconnect. With this conservation, I will help you with this personal journey and give you the blueprint to grow as a leader which includes creating a learning environment and developing your employees to leave the nest. In addition, I will discuss situations where I have applied these guidelines and their results. These are proven guidelines that I have been successful with as well as other leaders in different industries. One important realization is that the growth of GIS within your organization is directly related to your ability to be a Leader. 

Takeaway: From this conversation, you will be able to identify whether you want to be a leader and if you are a leader today. If the answer is yes, then you will be able to improve your leadership ability and grow GIS faster using this playbook. If the answer is no, then you will identify if you are slowing the growth of GIS within your organization. 

Who should attend: Inspiring GIS Leaders, Managers, and anyone who wants to grow their leadership ability and GIS to be used by every business unit daily within their organization. 

Professional Development 2
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