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Professional Development 1


The Path to Becoming a GIS Professional (GISP)

Presenter: Rick Chappell

The presentation will provide an overview of the GIS Certification Institute and the GISP program. It will contain an overview of why you should consider getting certified and practical tips to apply and earn your GISP certification.

Takeaway: The importance of certification and what to study to pass the exam.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in knowing more about the GISP program, how to become certified, and the benefits of being a GISP.

Women in GIS

Presenters: Priyanka Miller, Jami Dennis

This session will provide an overview of the Women In GIS Arizona Chapter. We will discuss the importance of why this chapter exists, what we've accomplished, and our goals for the future. We’ll also solicit input from audience members for ways in which the Women In GIS – Arizona can provide additional resources and opportunities for women working in geospatial fields.

Takeaway: Attendees will learn the benefits for professional development and personal growth by being a member of this group.

Who should attend: Anyone! This is not limited to just women - men often serve as advocates/allies for women.

GIS Leadership in Arizona

Presenter: Steve Whitney

A survey of past, current, and upcoming GIS leaders in Arizona that explores their paths to becoming a leader, and the strengths that they find most useful to leading in a technological environment. This presentation is meant to get folks thinking about how they too can become a GIS leader in our community, and to provide insights, tools, and tips for developing leadership skills and applying them.

Takeaway: Experience-based insights, tools, and tips for developing leadership skills and applying them within a technological environment.

Who should attend: People who are interested in developing their leadership skills within the GIS profession, and existing GIS leaders who want to explore how others utilize their leadership skills.

Professional Development 1
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