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Natural Resources Special Interest Group, part 2


Arizona Hydrography Data Development

Presenters: Cody Maynard, Patti Spindler, Drew Decker, Louis Keddell, David Saavedra

The AGIC Natural Resources Work Group has been leading collaboration efforts among stakeholders to develop an authoritative Hydrography Data set for Arizona. The group hosted a virtual informational event in the Spring to bring stakeholders to the discussion and inform interested participants on the existing challenges with available flow regime data. As a result of that event, a working group has formed and a pilot project has been initiated to investigate the feasibility of enhancing the National Hydrography Data (NHD) developed by USGS to meet Arizona's hydrography data needs. This Natural Resources Special Interest Group session will focus on the pilot effort and include several presentations from the work group participants. The session is intended to be an interactive discussion on the development of Hydrographic Data for Arizona.

Takeaway: Attendees will gain an understanding of AZ hydrographic data issues. They will learn how they can be involved and contribute to an authoritative hydrographic data set for Arizona.

Who should attend: GIS professionals who work with or have an interest in hydrographic data.

Natural Resources Special Interest Group, part 2
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