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GIS In Action: Working with Data (Day 2)


Roadmap to Change

Presenters: Nahide Aydin, Asia Philbin, Chuck Powell

The Town of Marana looking forward to migrating to a Utility Network. Marana Water teamed with WestLand Resources for an assessment of their GIS data to assist in migrating to ESRI's Utility Network Data Model. Utility Network is ESRI's ArcGIS Enterprise based data model that integrates advanced asset modeling such as internal configurations of complex assemblies, analysis tools such as tracing, and sharing data seamlessly with the entire organization through web-based GIS. Together, Marana Water and WestLand developed a road map for migrating the GIS data to Utility Network and its interactions with third-party applications such as document and asset management systems, field data collection applications and operations tools and workflows.

Takeaway: Utility network data assessment and migration

Who should attend: Utilities

GIS in Today's and Tomorrow's PSAP

Presenters: Sandy Dyre, John Joseph

GIS plays an important role in 9-1-1 systems and for the public safety professional that can be intimidating for the GIS Community. NG9-1-1, CAD, mapping, and emergency response routing all rely on good GIS data. The goal of the session is to break down the GIS needs public safety professional, talk about how GIS is used today and tomorrow, and why it is important to understand and value GIS.

Takeaway: We focus on how the improvement of data in the immediate and near term, is being developed to support the needs of NG9-1-1 in the future. What most people don't recognize is how this data can be used to improve your current E911 services, software, and equipment today.

Who should attend: Data Providers, GIS Professionals, Public Safety Personnel, and anyone interested in NG9-1-1


GIS In Action: Working with Data (Day 2)
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