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Smorgasboard Lightning Round


Is This an Esri Application?  Freedom with Esri's API-Driven Platform

Presenter: Shujing Li

We all live and breathe Esri every day. We enjoy what Esri software delivers, which has made us proud GIS pros. There are times, however, we'd wonder if and when Esri would implement this logic or enhance that UI to make our days even brighter. Well, Esri provides a plethora of options for application customization and development. In this short talk, the author will share one recent web application, built on the Esri ecosystem, that looks nothing like Esri, but is every bit Esri under the hood!

Takeaway: Esri APIs enable you to build your dream application!

Who should attend: Data Analysts, Programmers

Using Python in ArcPro

Presenter: Bill Beaver

This will be a fast review of using Python in ArcPro. It will cover what is new in 3.x Python, migrating from ArcMap and Python 2.7, how ArcPro talks to ArcGIS Online, stand-alone scripts, and using different notebooks.

Takeaway: Learn what can be done in ArcPro with Python.

Who should attend: Anyone that uses ArcPro.

Wildfire Situational Awareness Made Easy

Presenter: Wesley Kortuem

The 2020 wildfire season started early and took off roaring, requiring many communities to evacuate when the flames and smoke got too close. The Arizona Dept. of Health Services licenses over 19,000 facilities, including hospitals, long-term care and assisted living facilities, child care centers and rural health clinics.  The state's Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) routinely receives requests from county  emergency managers for facilities that may be impacted by wildfires and evacuations. By mid-June 2020, analysis requests for multiple fires were coming in daily, during an already hectic COVID-19 emergency response. HEOC and county emergency managers needed a way to buffer wildfires, identify facilities potentially impacted and export to a *.csv. A widget within ArcGIS Online Web App Builder offered the perfect solution. Come see the situational awareness application that HEOC calls amazing, and find out how you can adapt it to your own needs.

Takeaway: How easy it is to set-up a situational awareness viewer to understand the impact of an incident on public infrastructure and human populations, and really, anything on the landscape.

Who should attend: Emergency managers and preparedness, responders. Anyone who wants to draw a point/line/poly on a map and see what features on their map intersect with a user-defined buffer.

Smorgasboard Lightning Round
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