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Pedaling Towards Innovation


The digital map has revolutionized the ease with which we use spatial data, whether it be in cars, walking, or on a bike! To keep pace, jurisdictions must further rely on GIS technology to organize and present their data. An accurate GIS helps city staff make critical decisions, not only for preventative maintenance, but especially when new construction requires the knowledge of exactly where existing infrastructure is.  Satellite-based positioning systems and modern GNSS technologies provides a viable solution for managing an accurate GIS.

As we strive to improve our GIS data, GNSS accuracy is a critical component of making better informed decisions. Innovative solutions like BikeRAC (Rapid Asset Collection) by Engineering Mapping Solutions enable municipalities to quickly, confidently, and eco-consciously collect mass amounts of spatial data. Using novel GNSS solutions like BikeRAC, coupled with the AZGEO Data Hub, Esri ArcPro, and Collector, jurisdictions can improve their existing GIS confidently and inexpensively.

This presentation illustrates an ongoing project EMS is conducting at the Town of Cave Creek.  Cave Creek engaged EMS to employ their BikeRAC solution to canvas their entire service area collecting centimeter-accurate GPS points. Points include hydrants, manholes, valves, meters, and any other visible features that assist in the GIS update. Especially helpful are previous Blue Stake locations. The ESRI Collector for ArcGIS facilitates the field collection, in the office, the GIS technician leverage the collected information in the update process. In a town like Cave Creek that has limited documentation on older infrastructure, this level of highly accurate information is proving invaluable in the effort to build a GIS that truly represents grounded truth.

Presenters: Phil Ponce, PE and Nikolas Smilovsky, PhD, GISP


  • See the latest GPS technology
  • Understand how this technology is used in the field
  • See the EMS BikeRAC application and how it benefits Cave Creek

Who should attend: 

  • Those GIS Managers and Technicians responsible for upgrading their GIS
  • Those who seek centimeter-accurate utility information
  • Those who seek great accuracy on a budget

Pedaling Towards Innovation
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