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NG 9-1-1 Special Interest Group, part 2


Getting Started in NG911 - Panel Discussion

Moderator: Brian Bond

For each level of GIS support in the Next Generation supply pipeline, where do I start? This panel discussion with two or three different GIS data maintainers (local government, county, state, or regional users) hopes to share with attendees some resources and tips with important items such as: I have GIS data and I know it might be used in a 9-1-1 map update, what information do I need next? What GIS data should I focus on for better support of a 9-1-1 system? What Next Generation required datasets & quality checks should I work on. As a GIS data editor, how do I clean up my data? We plan on sharing real-world examples and provide screenshots with good examples for attendees to take home.

Takeaway: If you are new to GIS and to 911, then you will learn what to begin to focus on to be helpful in a NG 911 support role. Also, learn how to understand how different levels of government work together with different roles for completeness, consistency and validation and what is important to communicate to the 911 system administrators for migration to Next Generation 911.

Who should attend: 9-1-1 system administrators or dispatch supervisor interested in an understand migrating to Next Generation 9-1-1. Support staff that provide information for the GIS editor. A GIS data maintainer whom edits roads, address points, parcel, etc.


NG 9-1-1 Special Interest Group, part 2
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