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NG 9-1-1 Special Interest Group, part 1


The Path to GIS Data Completeness

Presenters: Sandy Dyre, Jeff Ledbetter

GIS-based emergency call routing requires highly accurate and complete GIS data. While highly accurate may be more easily obtained, how complete the data is can be unclear until a 9-1-1 call is not supported. This session provides a discussion on what steps can be taken to develop highly accurate and complete GIS data for Public Safety. This is important for those of us working in GIS to understand, because our work will soon become the very foundation of how 9-1-1 calls are routed by dispatch centers.

Takeaway: For years we've been faced with the challenge of "Complete & Accurate" Data. For many of us it's difficult to differentiate the value for each of these terms. But new data standards in the NENA NG9-1-1 data model are helping us to redefine the concept of data accuracy and completeness. We plan to share the steps we take to get there.

Who should attend: GIS Professionals, Public Safety Related 911, Assessors, Public Works, Data mangers, etc…

Collaborating with Adjacent Jurisdictions for Next Generation 9-1-1

Presenter: Brian Bond

This presentation will discuss issues that GIS professionals deal with when working with adjacent jurisdictions on 9-1-1 data. For example, I am a GIS person charged with aggregating GIS for 911 at a county level, but I need to work with neighboring counties or contractors for a statewide system. This presentation will discuss processes involved in collaborating with neighbors. My 911 system administer has been recommending some service level agreements or local government agreement, what information is needed for an agreement. Why have an agreement, it does not appear to be a GIS task, but it is! This presentation will address how what is included in agreements and how to approach them.

Takeaway: A desire is to reduce duplicative efforts when working with a neighbor in boundary alignment, outline of steps to be done in working with neighboring counties. What is important to communicate to the 911 system administrators which might need to build service level agreements or local government agreements for this collaborative work.

Who should attend: 9-1-1 System Administrators or a GIS data maintainer whom edits roads, address points, etc.

NG 9-1-1 Special Interest Group, part 1
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