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Includes plenaries, daily opening sessions/recaps, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and standard presentations

File Size:
428.66 MB

  • Architecting an Enterprise GIS Environment
    Presenter: Kacie Baker
  • Make LRS Maintenance Efficient and Fun by Enriching User Experience in Esri’s Roads and Highways
    Presenter: Bo Guo
  • Innovation Through Geointegration - Launching the New ADHS Hospital Compare
    Presenter: David Olson
File Size:
713.93 MB

  • Group Activity: Chair Yoga with Renee Schuh
File Size:
659.88 MB

  • A Roadway Management System
    Presenter: Bill Beaver
  • Leveraging AGOL to Streamline MCDOT's Yearly Asset Condition Assessment
    Presenter: Christopher Turner
  • From Google Earth to Enterprise GIS - A Small Water Utility Jumps into GIS
    Presenters: Chuck Powell, Cathy Kuefler, Theron Mahumed
File Size:
507.51 MB

  • Mapping Violence to Build Sustainable Peace
    Presenter: Mohamed Mohamed
  • Using GIS to Examine the Impact of New Housing on Future K-12 Enrollment
    Presenter: Aparna Thatte
  • GIS Solutions for Maricopa County's Unified Command Center
    Presenters: Steve Hossack, Shiloh Johnson
File Size:
671.11 MB

  • Heat Severity and Heat Island Model Development and Applications
    Presenter: Ben Hickson
  • Enhancing Existing Scripts with FME
    Presenters: Félix Lafond-Touikan, Scott Sirotkin
  • Optimizing Graffiti Abatement Using Machine Learning and GIS
    Presenters: Seth Lewis, Stephanie Deitrick
File Size:
324.48 MB

  • Understanding the Data Supply Chain Breakdown
    Presenter: Sandy Dyre
  • Visualizing Attribution Discrepancies Between Addresses and Centerline Dataset
    Presenter: John Ehlen
  • AZGeo and Arizona's Open Data
    Presenters: Shea Lemar and Jenna Leveille
File Size:
402.88 MB

  • Roadmap to Change
    Presenters: Nahide Aydin, Asia Philbin, Chuck Powell
  • GIS in Today's and Tomorrow's PSAP
    Presenters: Sandy Dyre, John Joseph
File Size:
810.91 MB

  • USGS 3DEP Lidar Data in OpenTopography
    Presenter: Christopher Crosby
  • Remote Sensing Landscape Survey - City of Phoenix
    Presenter: Darin Lisonbee
  • Status of the 3D Elevation Program and 3D Nation Study
    Presenter: Drew Decker
File Size:
1.18 GB

  • Using MLS to Document Northern Arizona's Natural Resources
    Presenter: Andrew Sanchez Meador
  • Thinking about SLAM, MLS Methods, and Resulting Point Clouds
    Presenter: Taylor Handschuh
  • Comparing Mobile, Terrestrial, and Airborne Lidars for Forest Assessment
    Presenter: Jonathon Donager
File Size:
645.38 MB

  • Invasive Plant Treatment Prioritization Analysis
    Presenter: Willie Sommers
  • Restoring Culturally Significant Emory Oak Groves in Arizona
    Presenters: Chuck Powell, Olivia McMahon, Stacey McClure
  • Greenprint - Protect & Connect. A CAZCA Geospatial Tool
    Presenter: Aireona Raschke
File Size:
431.81 MB

  • Arizona Hydrography Data Development
    Presenters: Cody Maynard, Patti Spindler, Drew Decker, Louis Keddell, David Saavedra
File Size:
200.49 MB

  • The Path to GIS Data Completeness
    Presenters: Sandy Dyre, Jeff Ledbetter
  • Collaborating with Adjacent Jurisdictions for Next Generation 9-1-1
    Presenter: Brian Bond
File Size:
463.39 MB

  • Getting Started in NG911 - Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Brian Bond
File Size:
488.10 MB

Pedaling Towards innovation a.k.a. Tour de GNSS
Presenters: Phil Ponce and Nikolas Smilovsky

File Size:
341.68 MB

  • The Path to Becoming a GIS Professional (GISP)
    Presenter: Rick Chappell
  • Women in GIS
    Presenters: Priyanka Miller, Jami Dennis
  • GIS Leadership in Arizona
    Presenter: Steve Whitney
File Size:
522.97 MB

  • Maintaining Connections in Changing Times
    Presenter: Tonya Kauhi
  • The GIS Management Blueprint II
    Presenter: David Moss
File Size:
1.10 GB

  • Carpe Geo, Part Deux -- Presentation and Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Jenna Leveille
    Panelists: Bill Johnson, Tonya Kauhi, David Moss
File Size:
378.09 MB

  • Is This an Esri Application?  Freedom with Esri's API-Driven Platform
    Presenter: Shujing Li
  • Using Python in ArcPro
    Presenter: Bill Beaver
  • Wildfire Situational Awareness Made Easy
    Presenter: Wesley Kortuem
File Size:
745.99 MB

  • Got a Drone - Now What? Mapping with your UAV
    Presenter: David McKittrick
  • Examining the Use of UAV Imagery for Population and Canopy Height Estimates
    Presenter: Nick Bisley
  • Capture, Correct, and Check. How to Predict and Fix Bad Drone Data.
    Presenter: Jack Taylor
File Size:
680.58 MB

  • A Review and Recap of the AGIC UAS Fly-in Virtual Event
    Presenters: Chuck Powell, Kasey Green, Nikolas Smilovsky, Chelsea Scott, Robert Davis, Virgil Coxon
  • UAS Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Nik Smilovsky
File Size:
467.40 MB

  • Spatial Analysis Integration with IBM Watson
    Presenter: Steve Hossack
  • Got Open Services, Want Reports, We Got Widgets For That
    Presenter: Josh Pope
  • Different Types of Data Visualizations: How Are They Used?
    Presenters: Sage Donaldson, Karol Francis
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