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Refining Mobile Solutions for All Types of Users

GIS field data collection via collection of a point or line using a GPS unit or GPS enabled device is simple in theory. Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation's (NRPR) experience with field data collection and resulting data workflow has been a challenge to implement because NRPR has multiple divisions staffed with people having a range of technical expertise. NRPR GIS staff, with help from Esri and collaboration with other Pima County GIS departments, has had to be flexible in supporting these divisions. Throughout this development process we realized that field staff require different mobile platforms with tailored interfaces specific to their scope of work. The Collector platform became a go-to for our Natural Resources division whereas Survey123 was the best solution for our Operations and Trades divisions. This presentation covers our solutions from a variety of field collection methods, to online QA/QC, to final geodatabase input and photo processing and management.

Refining Mobile Solutions for All Types of Users
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