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PAG Safety Explorer: facilitating data-driven project development

PAG's Safety Explorer platform facilitates data-driven safety assessment and project development for our jurisdictional partners.  The web platform developed in-house supports network screening by allowing registered users to visualize and easily build complex filters across 16 charts and tables of crash characteristics.  The resulting heat maps convey distribution of the filtered results across the network.  Users can delineate projects along corridors or at multiple intersections and receive robust real-time reporting and visualization of contributing crash factors within the custom project extents.  Projects can be saved in a sandbox list or promoted to a review list where users can conduct a side-by-side project comparison of key SPF driven Level of Safety Service (LOSS) values or severe or fatal incident totals.  This screening and project development tool supported project submittals for the PAG region in response to ADOT's 2019 HSIP funding call for projects.

PAG Safety Explorer: facilitating data-driven project development
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