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Arizona Geocoding and Imputation Tool (AZGIT)

The AZ Geocoding and Imputation Tool is a new (open source!) full service geocoding platform developed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We all know the importance of good spatial data, but do you know how accurate your data is? When you see a 75% match do you really know what that means, do your data stewards? What happens with missing addresses and P.O. Boxes? AZGIT does much more than run a table through an ESRI product and take the results at face value. The AZGIT was designed to streamline the geocoding of large datasets, while enhancing the results, and empowering data stewards and analysts to get the most out of their data. Preprocessing, address standardization, and logging‚ -Check. Multiple data sources for better accuracy‚ -Check. Imputation at any scale‚ -Check.  Come learn about this awesome new tool, how it was created, and discover the ways it can help you.

Arizona Geocoding and Imputation Tool (AZGIT)
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