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Meeting the state's water needs - We've got an app for that!

Through a collaborative effort, the Kyl Center for Water Policy is modernizing planning and developing a web app to serve as a "blueprint" for meeting the state's water needs in the next century. An accessible, interactive web-based tool, the Arizona Water Blueprint integrates the work of recent statewide water planning efforts (e.g., ADWR's Strategic Vision) and is designed to foster informed policy and planning discussions on: new uses of existing water infrastructure; development and co-location of new infrastructure and supplies; augmentation strategies and the collaborations and investments necessary to realize them. The Blueprint is a central place for data on water, includes visualizations and in-depth content using Story Maps. This dynamic web-based application will help the user understand Arizona's water issues, allow for deeper dialogue on solutions and advance water planning for a secure water future.

Meeting the state's water needs - We've got an app for that!
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