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Creating thematic maps: this is my truth, tell me yours

How many maps can you make using a single dataset of population-based statistical data? The answer here is ‘over 30, but with scope for many more’. In this workshop I'll explore the world of thematic mapping using ArcGIS Pro. I’ll show you how to use the out-of-the-box ArcGIS Pro mapping renderers effectively and how to make sensible choices so your maps make sense.  I'll also provide hints, tips, and methods for creating less common, but visually stunning, thematic maps. I’ll discuss how data can be processed and presented in different, interesting and compelling ways to suit different purposes. There’s rarely a right or wrong way to map statistical data, just shades of the truth that result from your design decisions. Your map can be entirely objective, or you may wish to be persuasive in your message. It's all possible! This session will help you go beyond the defaults and encourage you to think about how to make and shape the message in your thematic maps.


This presentation was a live demo. To view a gallery of the maps that were shown, plus tips on the map type, opportunities, and constraint sin the information panel for each map, visit:

Creating thematic maps: this is my truth, tell me yours
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