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Building a Natural Resource GIS Program for Pima County

Getting a major Field data Collection effort underway is a challenge.  Particularly one on approximately 250,000 acres of Open Space.  What are we collecting?  Why are we collecting this data?  Who is collecting the data and with what?  These are some of the questions any field data collection project needs to answer before it begins.  However, even the most strategic and well-planned effort can encounter a host of problems ranging from problems with the devices and data collection strategy to lack of staff and organizational (management) understanding.  Recognizing that obstacles will occur and more importantly being able to apply creative solutions is an important element of any project.  I've been involved in the development of Pima County's Natural Resource GIS program from its beginning stages.  I'd like to present some of the challenges we've encountered and successes we've had along the way, particularly as it relates to data collection.  Those challenges and successes include not only technological components but people components as well.

Building a Natural Resource GIS Program for Pima County
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