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BIM and GIS: A Bridge Too Far...or Not

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) are both similar and very different technologies. Both are part of the built environment all around us. Both radically changed the paradigms of their industries, and while they have many of the same goals, there has been little movement to integrate them.  Yet the idea of integration expands the paradigm of data automation to enterprise systems that may be as ground breaking as their respective components. This presentation will explore the technology, the issues and how to get these disparate systems working together to create a fully modeled enterprise information system. Just What Are We Talking About? We'll define the technologies and critical issues. Why Do I Care? We'll talk about the benefits and potential applications for a blend of the technology. Who is affected? We'll discuss the roles and organizations and the part they play in it. What's Stopping Me? We'll discuss the issues that get in the way and how to mitigate them. How do I get there? We'll discuss and see some methodologies and paths to get to an integrated, enterprise system.

BIM and GIS: A Bridge Too Far...or Not
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