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Building a Development Status Tracking Solution Using ETL

Tracking ongoing development projects is a cross-organizational challenge for local governments. The town of East Gwillimbury is a small but rapidly growing municipality with multiple areas being developed simultaneously. The town needed to visualize, monitor and report on the progress of these development projects thereby assisting staff to effectively manage workflows such as the commence of road patrols for maintenance, garbage collection, fire break allocations as well as monitoring parks and construction.  In this presentation, we will demonstrate how developing a flexible ETL solution allowed the organization to gain operational efficiencies.  ETL processes automate data flow across enterprise systems which allowed integration of information into a centralized development status tracking map on ArcGIS Server as well as other reports. At an enterprise-level ETL system, the city achieved data synchronization, sharing to stakeholders, and automation through scheduling and triggers.

Building a Development Status Tracking Solution Using ETL
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