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Using Mobile Apps to Enhance Safety and Efficiency During Wildlife Captures

Large scale wildlife capture efforts to deploy data-collecting radio collars on animals require countless hours of preparation and coordination. Once these efforts are underway, events move quickly as many moving parts come together. During 2017 big game capture efforts, the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Highways Crew and GIS Team worked together to configure a series of Esri mobile applications to enhance the efficiency and safety of these efforts. Collector was utilized for plotting locations of active target species and on-the-ground observers. Survey123 replaced paper forms that were filled out for each captured animal. Workforce displayed nearly real-time locations of all parties involved --including aerial team members observing from fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Data from these three applications were integrated into a dashboard built in Operations Dashboard. Being able to harness the powers of these mobile applications was instrumental to the effectiveness of the 2017 capture efforts. An increase in situational awareness between the ground and aerial crews enhanced the overall capture safety, and nearly real-time updates of spatial data allowed the project coordinator to distribute radio collars evenly across both the landscape and between target demographics.

Using Mobile Apps to Enhance Safety and Efficiency During Wildlife Captures
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