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Transforming MCDOT's GIS-based Transportation Asset Inventory System

The Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) maintains over 2,400 miles of roads throughout the unincorporated areas of the County.  To support the planning, design, and maintenance of its transportation network, MCDOT leverages a GIS-based transportation asset inventory integrated with an operations management system (OMS).  This system was recently implemented during a two-year project.  This presentation will discuss the multiple phases of the implementation including the migration of a legacy system known as Roadrunner to a new system that utilizes the latest Esri technologies including Roads and Highways. The presentation will also share MCDOT's experience integrating its in-house GIS with a hosted OMS known as Cartegraph.  Other topics that will be discussed include: data governance, migration challenges, and field collection. Finally, the presentation will introduce the Road Information Tool (RIT) which is the GIS-based system of engagement used by MCDOT staff for viewing and reporting roadway data.

Transforming MCDOT's GIS-based Transportation Asset Inventory System
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