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State Plane 2022: A Tale of Change, Collaboration, and Redemption

The State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) will soon change, and NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS) encourages your input!  A new version (SPCS2022) will replace the existing version (SPCS 83) as part of the transition from the North American Datum of 1983 to the Terrestrial Reference Frames of 2022.  Because this change will significantly impact U.S. mapping, surveying, and engineering activities, NGS welcomes stakeholder contributions on the design of SPCS2022 map projection zones within their states.  Since zone designs must follow the new SPCS2022 policy and procedures documents (currently in draft but will be finalized in the latter part of 2018), this presentation will go through those documents in detail.  That will include the rationale behind the policy and procedures, map projection concepts, the design process, “default” designs, statewide zones, low distortion projections, and deadlines.  The goal of NGS is that SPCS2022 be a technically sound and practical component of the nation’s spatial data infrastructure of tomorrow, fully satisfying the broad needs and applications of the geospatial community for years to come.  Stakeholder input will help make that a reality.

Audience: Anyone who uses state plane projections, wants to understand projections and datums, surveyors, geospatial profesionals, etc…

Take away: a thorough understanding of the datums, state plane projections, changes to expect with 2022, tips on preparing for 2022 updates.

State Plane 2022: A Tale of Change, Collaboration, and Redemption
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