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Hands On Workshops

These hands on workshops were taught in a computer lab with pre-configured computers. To find a specific presentation by instructor or key word, use the search at the top of the page. 

This workshop will introduce the ArcGIS Maps for Office Add-in for Excel and PowerPoint. Participants will receive a general overview of its required components and a demonstration of steps to create an interactive map from a spreadsheet.  We will also explore tools to visualize, analyze, and share maps with others. This application enables non-GIS users to gain new insights from their spreadsheets and make location-based decisions with ease.  It also gives GIS professionals immense time saving potential by enabling staff to make their own maps.


Working with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition)  This hands on workshop will allow users to do a guided deep dive into using Web AppBuilder Developer edition to create custom GIS Web Applications, widgets and themes.  We will look at the architecture and capabilities of WebappBuilder. We will then guide users through installation and configuration of WebappBuilder on their local machines or a lab machine and integration with Arcgis Online and Arcgis Enterprise. A demo for running WebappBuilder on a production server for organizational use, will also be covered. We will walk users through extending WebappBuilder by adding in external third-party widgets and customizing and creating a new sample widget.   Finally, we will cover strategies and options for deploying WebappBuilder applications and proxies in your organization and review lessons learned running WebappBuilder Applications in a production setting.

Intended audience: Our intended audience is GIS Analysts, Administrators and Programmers who may wish to customize and build webGIS applications.

Takeaway: Users will be able to walk away from our presentation with a deeper understanding of WebappBuilder and the process required to deploy and develop custom applications using this platform.

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