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Student Scholarship Winners

Each year at the AGIC conference, scholarships are awarded in memory of Tony Gonzales to Arizona GIS students whose work best promotes GIS or GIS education in Arizona. Scholarship winners are invited to present their work at AGIC in a short 5-10 minute presentation, or Lightning Talk.

About Tony Gonzales

As the GIS Manager for the Arizona Department of Transportation, Tony Gonzales was a valued member of the Arizona GIS community and committed to the advancement of GIS and GIS education throughout the State. His passing in 2001 was a huge loss for the GIS community.

Tony Gonzales was a key figure in the development of GIS at the Arizona Department of Transportation. His enthusiasm for his work was exemplified in all that he did, from teaching GIS courses to serving on many advisory committees, including AGIC. Tony suffered from a condition known as neurofibromatosis. More information about NF can be found through the National NF Foundation website at www.nf.org.


Presentations are sorted in alphabetical order by first name of student scholarship winner.

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