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Hands On Workshops

These hands on workshops were taught in a computer lab with pre-configured computers. 

The ArcGIS for Local Government solution includes a series of focused maps and applications designed to help local governments leverage their geographic information and the ArcGIS Platform to improve government activities and enhance services delivered to the general public. This session will describe how to deploy and configure the ArcGIS for Local Government maps and apps to meet specific business needs in their own organization.


EMAP (EMergency Address Portal) is a web-based application to assist the Arizona public safety community improve their GIS data for emergency response. Designed for both the GIS and non-GIS user, the tool provides a platform for address verification, editing, and creation.
This workshop is for everyone who has a need to work with addresses at all levels of government in Arizona.
The workshop has three sections, Section I is a tour on EMAP capabilities and features. Section II is demo on known use cases. Section III is open to the participants on any use cases that matter to them.

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Description: In this workshop you'll learn how to create story maps with the ArcGIS platform. Story Maps are interactive web applications that let you combine interactive maps, narrative text, images, videos, 3D web scenes and other media to engage and inspire your audience. In this workshop we'll show you how to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story: whether you want to tell the general public about a planning project; engage supporters and the media about a conservation issue; present the results of your GIS analysis work to stakeholders inside your organization; or simply create a personal story about a trip or place you love. We'll show you the different story map application templates you can choose from and walk you step-by-step through the process of building, refining, and publishing a story map. Learn the basics plus get tips and tricks to turn your story map into a polished communication product. We'll also show you best practices for promoting your story map to your audience. But most of all we hope to inspire you to tell your story! 

Audience: Anyone interested in location-based storytelling. There are no prerequisites for this course. You may have a story map idea already in mind.


Description:  This workshop will introduce how using two popular Microsoft Office applications (Excel and PowerPoint) and ArcGIS Online a user can visualize their tabular data on a map. Participants will be informed of the required components and then guided though the steps to take a spreadsheet that contains spatial data (addresses, coordinates, or an ID that links to a map feature) and make an interactive map. The mapped features are linked to the spreadsheet so any filtering or value changes are reflected in the map. Imagine the potential time saved by enabling non-GIS staff to make their own maps.


This half-day hands-on workshop will instruct users in open-source GIS methods and techniques, including:
setting up data using an open-source database (PostgreSQL/PostIS);
editing PostGIS data, both through a workstation GUI and tabular field-calculator-type operatns; publishing PostGIS layers to open-source GeoServer Web Map Services and ArcGIS Online we maps;
configuring an open-source Web App Builder


One tenant from the programming field is to learn a new programming language each year. The idea behind this annual educational process is that a software developer learns new things that can be taken back to there primary programming language. In the case of GIS, there are several non-ESRI editors available. This hands on workshop will provide an introduction to the design of the OpenStreetMap, OSM, topology. Then the three OSM web editors--Potlach2, iD, and Level5--will be introduced. Mobile editors will also be examined. Finally, the course will deep dive into the Java OSM editor. The JOSM exercises are procedure oriented. Bring a laptop with a three button mouse: left right buttons with a center scroll wheel.
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites. Editing OpenStreetMap is not rocket science. You must be able to install software via zip archives.
Workshop Format: The workshop will have some lecture and demonstration. The bulk of the workshop consists of predefined OSM files targeting JOSM feature exploration based on the Author's experience. After some practice, we will edit the OSM map.


The surging popularity of the sUAS platform in data collection signals the utility of this platform in geographic data collection. Numerous applications in utilities, infrastructure and natural resources in Arizona point to a strong future in the use of sUAS in managing out world. This hands on session presented by professional sUAS operators as well as sUAS data consumers will touch on the following topics that help to build success and stability in sUAS data collection:
• Flight planning tips and tricks
• Flight plan creation and upload
• Video review tips and tricks/software
• Ortho tools
• Image or point cloud processing

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