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Access Tempe: Demystifying accessible web maps.

Access Tempe: Demystifying accessible web maps.
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Maps, geographic data and analysis are powerful tools for creating accessible communities. Leveraging GIS, communities can provide information about where accessible resources or features are located, as well as assess whether community assets, such as sidewalks and parks, comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Many of the applications used to provide this location-based information or conduct these assessments rely on visual maps or lists to communicate information to the user. Accessible maps often focus on being able to transfer information using senses other than vision, such as hearing or touch. However, other types of disabilities often have specific needs in terms of user interaction and interface design, as well as different ways of understanding and interacting with space. The City of Tempe has developed Access Tempe as a means to provide information on City facilities, activities and services that are accessible to individuals with visual, hearing, mobility or cognitive disabilities. This presentation focuses on the design of Access Tempe and the challenges of implementing accessible web maps.

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