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Preventing Misuse of GIS Data and Products

Preventing Misuse of GIS Data and Products
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The use of GIS data and products continues to grow and will continue to do so as additional professions further integrate GIS data and products into new applications. More and more government operations rely on GIS inputs and/or applications to support their customer services. The general public is continually exposed to location-based products through mainstream offerings such as Google Maps, GPS location and routing applications, and Open Data initiatives. As this growth continues, the potential for misinterpretation and/or misuse of GIS data and products increases. GIS professionals have a responsibility to ensure that end-users of their data and products have a clear understanding of what they are getting and limitations on what they use it for. This presentation will review guidelines that have been developed to date, discuss their effectiveness and overall use, and explore future directions that can be worked towards by GIS professionals to help decrease the potential for misuse. The following items will be included for review and discussion:

  • GIS metadata standards that provide data/product quality indicators.
  • A standard disclaimer as a "heads-up" regarding GIS product use.
  • Guidelines for classifying GIS data/products and preventing misuse.
  • Cooperative outreach efforts to further educate GIS data/product producers and end-users.
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