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Hands On Workshops

workshop, the instructors will introduce CartoDB, the online spatial database platform that allows easy and direct access to the back-end database while providing unparalleled ways to combine maps and tabular data for visualisations.

This workshop will cover:

  • Brief survey of online mapping platforms
  • Examples and use cases
  • Creating CartoDB account
  • Loading your data files
  • Visualizing options
  • Data management
  • Publishing CartoDB as services
  • CartoDB & ArcGIS

Find out why so many people are switching to Esri’s Collector for GIS field work. This workshop will walk you through the workflow from start to finish. Bring your supported iOS or Android mobile device with Collector installed and you’ll see how easy GPS data collection can be.

You will learn:

  • Hardware and software requirements
  • How to prepare GIS data for optimal use in Collector
  • Publishing a hosted feature service to ArcGIS Online
  • Building and configuring a web map for Collector
  • Using Collector to view, search, and edit GIS data
  • Synchronizing field edits with the office
  • Using attachments to store digital photos
  • Getting the data into your office geodatabase

Arizona Geographic Information Council. AZGEO is designed to provide GIS users with links to Internet map services, FGDC compliant metadata, and geospatial data  downloads. Data on AZGEO includes GIS layers for administrative boundaries, demographic, environmental factors, hydrology, imagery, indices, mining, natural features, transportation and more.

In this workshop attendees will get hands on experience in the fundamentals of AZGEO:
• Downloading data from AZGEO
• Contribute data
• Control Access to your organization’s data


During this workshop, you will learn: Geodatabase concepts and structure by exploring and creating a geospatial database; converting data to the Geodatabase format utilizing the Extract Transform Load (ETL) process; validating attributes with Domains; validating features with Topology; and editing with the Geodatabase.

Prerequisites: Participants should have basic knowledge of ArcGIS Desktop, geoprocessing and GIS data formats before attending this course.

Workshop Format: Approximately 50% lecture/ demonstration, 50% hands on training via guided exercises completed individually on computers.

Note: the download file is large, 175MB, and will take awhile to download. High speed Internet connection recommended for download.

File Size:
1.11 MB

This workshop will introduce the benefits of participating in Esri Community Maps: a cooperative effort by the ArcGIS user community to build a living atlas of the world using the best available data sources from GIS organizations in local government, countries, and private companies. You will learn how the program is structured and best practices for preparing authoritative content to be published in Community Maps online maps services. In addition, you’ll learn how to leverage published content to create dynamic and useful web mapping applications. This includes an introduction to the new Community Maps Data Prep Tools, which makes the process of preparing your data for submission simple and straightforward. This interactive session includes hands-on exercises, group discussions, and software demonstrations.


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