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Hands On Workshops

In the mid 1990s, several RDBMS vendors began offering spatial data types as object-relational technologies advanced. The release of the first stable PostGIS in 2005 meant that GIS professionals could do, for free, many important GIS tasks at the database level more efficiently through writing SQL!

This workshop will cover:
1) Advantages of the database approach to GIS
2) Installing and exploring PostgreSQL
3) Building spatial layers (tables and indexes)
4) Spatial data loading
5) Spatial data QC
6) Spatial data analysis
7) Spatial data publishing
8) Consuming and presenting spatial data stored in PostgreSQL using ArcGIS

Basic knowledge of GIS and RDBMS;
Basic SQL skills are not required but would be helpful.


The review of the 2-day ArcGIS 10 course at the 2014 AGIC Training & Education Symposium with instructor Randy Booze provided a half-day Hands-On review of the 2-day course to attendees. To learn more about this course, download the course overview document by clicking the download button below.

The ArcGIS 2-Day class provides an introduction to GIS concepts and the ESRI ArcGIS 10 software allowing for a great deal of hands on experience with the ArcGIS 10 software. Participants in the class will learn how to use the ESRI ArcMap™ and ArcCatalog™ applications as well as the geoprocessing tools within the ArcToolbox™ while applying the technology in various applications. The Instructor also discusses real world applications of the technology based on student interests and requested areas of focus as well as a review of some of the advanced features that are available in GIS technology. The topics covered in the 2-Day class include:

  • GIS Concepts and Data
  • Working with GIS Maps and Data
  • Displaying GIS Data
  • Getting Information about GIS Features
  • Analyzing GIS Feature Relationships
  • Creating and Editing GIS Data
  • Presenting GIS Data
  • Creating Geoprocessing Models
  • Legal Issues in GIS Use

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