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Using Spatial Analysis Tools within the ASLD Parcel Web Mapping Application

Using Spatial Analysis Tools within the ASLD Parcel Web Mapping Application
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The Arizona State Land Department has released an advanced Web mapping application based on ArcGIS Server technology from ESRI using a Flex based front-end. http://broadbandmap.az.gov/Parcel

View the proceedings document to see a step-by-step guide to using this online application.

About the Application

This application can be useful for Community Planners to locate Census Blocks, Groups, and Tracts and chart the Population and Housing metrics. One can locate the Townships and Sections and view the various Land Ownerships including detailed leasing information on the Surface, Mineral, and Oil & Gas parcels managed by ASLD.

One can draw a segment along a highway, define a 2-mile buffer and find all the Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and Fire Stations that fall within, or find the Zip codes and School Districts or Legislative Districts it intersects.

A user can find map entities by means of a Graphical, Text or Spatial Search. A set of powerful Spatial Analysis Tools are included that can be deployed to find objects that are within, intersect, overlap or touch the search results.

SQL statements can be used to perform complex searches and search results can be exported as a CSV file to Excel for further analysis.

Additional Socio-Economic data and Employment metrics are hot-linked to Cities, Towns and Zip Codes.

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