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GIS Licensure and Data Classification

GIS Licensure and Data Classification
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During the course of 2012, the potential licensure of GIS professionals within Arizona was explored through a series of meetings and conference panel discussions that evaluated reasons why GIS professionals may need to be licensed and options for better protecting GIS data end-users from misuse of the data. This presentation will summarize those efforts and present a proposed position that Arizona can take on this matter. We will examine case studies on GIS data misrepresentation and potential misuse, along with measures that can be implemented to prevent these types of practices, including:

o Develop minimum metadata standards for geospatial data that provide quality indicators to the end-user.
o Develop a clear delineation of practices between registered Professional Land Surveyors and non-survey professionals.
o Provide widespread educational opportunities for both data producers and users on the implementation and use of adopted standards, policies and guidelines.

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