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You’ve got LiDAR…Now what? Demos of LiDAR analysis that anyone can do!

Presenter(s):  Mark Christiano, Nickolas Viau, Kimberley Denney

Abstract: Many people know lidar is important elevation data, but often don’t know what to do once they have it.  Users are left wondering if they need specialize software or extensive training.   We will demo a number of useful analysis that can be performed using the basic products provided by a lidar vendor (bare earth highest hit).  Attendees will take home solid workflows and examples of lidar analysis that can be done using out of the box functionality in ArcMap using bare earth and highest hit models.

Key Takeaway: Lidar is for everyone!  Don’t be scared to use it, lidar can easily be incorporated into a workflow and add great information to a project.

Intended Audience: GIS users interesting in learning to use lidar and DEM’s from ArcMap.  Attendees with walk away with some basic lidar analysis skills.

About the presenter(s):

Mark Christiano, GIS Coordinator, Kaibab National Forest, USFS

Nickoas Viau, GIS Analyst and Instructor, AllPoints Geographic Information Systems

Kim Denney, Executive Vice President, Atlantic