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The Arizona Military & Energy Land Use Plan (AME-UP)

Presenter(s):  Kevin Seegmiller, Leisa Brug

Abstract: The Arizona Military & Energy Land Use Plan (AME-UP) is a Department of Defense initiative that helps military installations, regulatory agencies, local governments, and renewable energy developers coordinate efforts in building renewable energy projects within the State of Arizona.  AME-UP serves as an interactive community planning resource to spur discussion and collaborative siting for renewable energy projects, while respecting parameters and requirements of military bases and installations.  AME-UP includes a robust siting web tool that contains dozens of geospatial data layers and reports that facilitate complex siting decisions related to solar, wind, and transmission line infrastructure development.

Key Takeaway: The aim of AME-UP is to balance competing interests between renewable energy development and protecting areas of military operation through improved siting decisions.

Intended Audience: Electric utilities, energy developers, environmental and land-use planners, government entities, military, non-governmental organizations, and tribes.

About the presenter(s):

Mr. Seegmiller is the Director of Program Management at Delta Environmental Sciences. Over the years, he has designed and developed several innovative, web-based computer tools including web-mapping and public comment tools that improve decision-making on environmental planning and permitting projects and allow extreme efficiency and accountability with the management of NEPA, electric utility permitting, and construction inspection projects. Mr. Seegmiller is currently working to complete a PhD in Energy Policy at Arizona State University's School of Sustainability.

Leisa Brug is a Senior Consultant of Special Projects at Arizona State University LightWorks. She is a driver of key university initiatives aimed at achieving overarching goals of energy security, cost-effective clean energy development, trans-border cooperation and pioneering energy policy solutions. Ms. Brug is responsible for public affairs, researching and assembling effective project teams, project management, policy research, development, and student employee participation.