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Reality Portal: How we combined Portal for ArcGIS, SSO, and Active Directory

Presenter(s):  Benjamin Sher, Brian Laird


At RICK we were presented with the challenge of tying multiple applications into a seamless experience for our users.  We achieved our goal by utilizing AWS, a Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution & AD to create our Reality Portal.  The Reality Portal was designed to provide a platform for the delivery of 3D Point Clouds, GIS data, 360¬∞ photographs & raw data all within a SSO platform to allow for a seamless transition between applications.  Using SSO allows users to login once & removes the burden of having to login for each application.  In this talk the technical requirements  & challenges will be discussed in great detail.  Central to our solution is the Portal for ArcGIS which is the backbone for hosting services .  The Portal allows users to navigate to the correct location & serves as a gateway to launch the correct space from the attached applications.  The talk will focus on how Portal for ArcGIS was deployed in AWS, federate to ArcGIS Server Server & integrated with AD & SSO.

Key Takeaway: The audience will gather ideas about how to better secure application and combine them into a seamless experience.  They also may set a path forward to move from creating individual users within Portal and begin the process of integrating Active Directory users into their environment to allow better access and more refined user control.

Intended Audience: This presentation is a great fit for those who are or thinking about implementing Portal for ArcGIS, integrating it with your local user directories and creating a scaleable, high availablility Portal environment.

About the presenter(s):

Ben is a Principal GIS Project Manager in the GIS and Cloud Services Division of Rick Engineering.  He formerly spent 12 years working for National Security Technologies a Department of Energy contractor, most recently building open-source cloud applications, primarily in GIS. He also led the GIS programs for the Department of Energy Nuclear Emergency Response programs, which involved leading the GIS for DOE's Emergency Operations Center, DOE's Radiological Emergency Response Programs and training other countries in using GIS to support counter-terrorism in their respective countries.  He started his career at ESRI as a Product Specialist in their Database Services division.

Brian has over 22 years of professional surveying and technology experience. He is a PLS licensed in the state of Arizona. As Manager of the Civil Technologies Group at Rick Engineering Company, Brian oversees the GIS, Cloud Computing and 3D Laser Scanning Services together with responsibilities of the organization's CAD management. His previous experience as engineering CADD operator, survey analyst, GPS survey coordinator, photogrammetry coordinator, GIS Manager and Manager of 3D laser scanning enables Brian to consider and understand all aspects of a project from conception to final deliverables and to streamline interdepartmental communication.