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Integration and Workflows for Mobile Data Collection and Reporting

Presenter(s):  Thomas Krinke, Jim Long

Abstract: This presentation explains the deployment and integration of ESRI mobile applications and an automation workflow for transfer of attribute data to include automated email notifications upon data submission.  We will explain how mobile applications Collector, Explorer, Survey123, and Workforce can work together in an automated workflow to update Operations Dashboard, Web Applications customized in WebApp Builder, and feed Insights. We will also discuss automated email notification through Microsoft Flow in Office365. This has allowed us to reduce reporting times for issues from email chains down to seconds.

Key Takeaway: Integration of mobile and desktop applications for GIS projects related assets tracking and task management style work flow.

Intended Audience: Field data collectors, planners, project managers, data analysts

About the presenter(s):

Thomas Krinke - Northwest Firefighter/Paramedic 17 years. Involved in GIS projects related to field data collection and mobile applications the last 7 years with a vision and mission of streamlining and consuming GIS data organization wide for more efficient operations.

Jim Long - GIS administrator and mentor.