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Flood Hazard Information Sheets using Survey123, progress and caveats

Presenter(s):  Bill Beaver

Abstract: Our Flood Control District sends out some 3,000 paper based Flood Hazard Information Sheets a year so at least partially automating the process can save much time. Modelling our business logic using ESRI's Survey123 and python has been a challenge. The talk will go over the development of a complex project using Survey123 and what we've learned along the way.

Key Takeaway: Survey123 with python is a powerful tool. New users and seasoned users will gain insights on the development process.

Intended Audience: Planners, programmers, anybody using or planning to use Survey123

About the presenter(s):

Bill Beaver has 40 years of programming experience, received a GIST Masters at the University of Arizona in 2014, and has been a Senior GIS Analyst at Santa Cruz County for 4 years.