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Enhancements to the National Hydrography Dataset

Presenter(s):  Drew Decker


The National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) is the surface water component of the U.S. Geological Survey's The National Map.  NHD is a detailed hydrographic network containing point data (springs, rapids), linear features (streams, canals) and polygons (lakes, reservoirs).  Recent enhancements to NHD have improved the data for AZ.  First, NHDPlus High Resolution (NHDPlus HR) adds detailed catchments for every stream segment and many value added attributes to enhance network navigation and analysis (such as flow volumes).  Stream classifications have been revised to identify more ephemeral streams.  The NHD content has been updated within National Forests and for other regions in AZ.  Finally, the new Markup Tool allows NHD users to submit suggested NHD edits to USGS for review and inclusion in the national database.  This presentation provides a review of NHD and details on these recent enhancements for NHD, all of which are available to users now.

Key Takeaway: Hear the latest on NHD and improvements affecting the data and how users can submit suggested improvements to the national network.

Intended Audience: GIS data users, especially those needing hydrographic data.  NHD is a very detailed dataset depicting surface water features for the US.

About the presenter(s):

Drew Decker is the National Map Liaison for Arizona and works for the National Geospatial Program within USGS.  He works with local, state, and other federal agencies to coordinate mapping production, maintenance, standards, and planning in support of The National Map.  He also provides support to USGS scientists and the public for mapping related assistance concerning geographic data.