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Doing GIS the Database Way: NoSQL Geospatial

Presenters:  Jinzhou (Gene) Zhang, Bo Guo

Abstract: Join us in the 8th installment of the Doing-GIS-the-Database-Way workshop series!  This time, we will first introduce NoSQL database technologies in general, before zooming on to Neo4J.  The lab work will lead us to visualize and query very large geospatial data stored in Neo4J server within the Esri environment.  Prerequisite: curiosity!

Key Takeaway: 1. NoSQL can be a powerful solution when performance is critical in querying large spatial data set. 2. NoSQL and Esri can coexist

Intended Audience: GIS/IT analyst and architect GIS developers

About the presenter(s):

Gene is ASU MASGIS graduate and has been with Gistic for over two years.  He is a GIS software engineer behind Gistic's backend server development and maintenance.  This is his third season in co-hosting this workshop series.

Dr. Guo has over 25 years of GIS & IT experience in the government space.  He is the founder of Gistic Research, Inc.