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Civic Engagement with the ArcGIS Hub

Presenter(s):  Joseph Peters

Abstract: While Open Data itself can be about transparency, at a greater scale it's about building a better and more informed society. With ArcGIS Hub powered by Open Data, organizations can create Hub sites and pages that report progress via dynamic visualization capabilities as well as solicit feedback regarding the initiatives that matter most to their constituents. Come learn how organizations around the world engage with their communities to turn data into knowledge, after unlocking the data they work with every day.

Key Takeaway: ArcGIS Hub can make a smart community even smarter, giving context and purpose to data. It organizes people, processes, and technology to meet the needs of citizens and governments.

Intended Audience: This presentation is applicable to GIS professionals, planners, city managers, CIOs, elected officials and other government staff looking to make their communities smarter and tackle the complex issues that many communities currently face.

About the presenter(s):

Joseph Peters is a Solution Engineer with Esri, working out of Esri's Denver regional office. He has a Master of Engineering in GIS from the University of Colorado Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont. He has been supporting city and county governments in Arizona for a little over 3 years.