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Blockchain in Plain English

Presenter(s):  Bo Guo, Jay Carpenter


Blockchain technology has been touted as the backbone of the new Internet. The potential disruptive nature of this technology behooves us, as government officials or GIS/IT professionals, to understand its technical constructs, its transformative implications as well as its current limitations.

After introducing the key concepts and the ecosystem of blockchain, the presenters will lead the audience in building a blockchain from newspapers. Hashing and mining are demonstrated along with comparisons to centralized constructs.

Key Takeaway: What is blockchain, why it is relevant to our society now and the future?

Intended Audience: GIS/IT managers and architects GIS Professionals

About the presenter(s):

Dr. Guo has over 25 years of GIS & IT experience in the government space.  He is the founder of Gistic Research, Inc.

Jay Carpenter is the Founder of Desert Blockchain LLC. Mr. Carpenter is a prominent leader in the growing Arizona blockchain community.