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An Introduction to ArcGIS Urban

Presenter(s):  Joseph Peters

Abstract: ArcGIS Urban is a new product being developed by Esri to orchestrate urban development and make planning more creative and more productive. It is a collection of web-based and desktop tools to help you create and manage plans and projects, engage with community stakeholders, and reduce risk - resulting in timely decision-making. In this session we will introduce ArcGIS Urban and demonstrate how it can be used to streamline plan creation, visualize current projects, and support collaboration between the public and private sector.

Key Takeaway: There is a big gap in what planners want to do and what planners currently have available for quickly creating multiple scenarios in a 3D environment for any given planning project. ArcGIS Urban will fill that gap by providing a simple and intuitive browser-based interface for creating multiple scenarios based on specific project requirements.

Intended Audience: ArcGIS Urban is geared towards planners, but can be supported by GIS staff. People involved in public works, economic development and capital improvement projects will also likely find this presentation of interest.

About the presenter(s):

Joseph Peters is a Solution Engineer with Esri, working out of Esri's Denver regional office. He has a Master of Engineering in GIS from the University of Colorado Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont. He has been supporting city and county governments in Arizona for a little over 3 years.