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Check out the entries for each contest by clicking on the contest name below. Cast your vote for your favorite in each category. You only get one vote per category and you cannot change it once you make it, so be sure to check out all the entries before you decide. The winners will be announced during the AGIC Education & Training Symposium at the Vendor Dinner Social on Thursday, September 20th.

Voting is open Monday, Sept. 10, 2018 and ends Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018 at 3:00pm

Please login to your AGICsymposium account to vote.

People’s Choice Poster/Map

Posters/maps include thematic maps, reference maps, map series, analytic methods and results, or educational maps. Look through the entries and vote for the one you feel makes the best geospatial map/poster. Most of these should also be on display at the conference, so be sure to visit the map gallery at the conference to get a closer look. 

People’s Choice Application

Applications include a variety of web maps and mobile apps. Entries should include a screenshot of the web map or mobile app and link to view the map/app. For maps/apps that do not have public access, you'll need to judge the app from the provided screenshot. Check out all of them and vote for your favorite.

People’s Choice Story Map

Story maps are web apps that share a story using interactive maps and provide clear navigation through the story. Browse through the different stories and vote for the one you feel tells its story best or the best story or both!

People’s Choice Student Poster/Map

Many students attend the AGIC Symposium each year. This year we're offering a special "Student" category for posters/maps made by students. The entries in this category can be from either an individual or from a group, for example, a class-based project in which many students participated. Check them out online or in person at the map gallery during the Symposium then vote for your favorite.