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Instructor Led Workshop

Instructors: Bo Guo, Jinzhou Zhang

Workshop Description: 

Join us in the 7th installment of the workshop series! This time, we will explore the power of SQL in FME-based GIS data integration and automation.
The workshop attempts to answer questions such as:
1. I am a GIS person, why should I care about SQL?
2. Can I use SQL when we do not have a SQL database?
3. How to improve data transformation performance by managing indexes?
4. How to avoid foreign key violation error when parent keys are not loaded?
5. How to integrate stored procedures/functions in workspaces? and
6. Can I generate SQL scripts from FME?

The instructors will summarize FME readers, writers, and transformers that are SQL-oriented or with SQL options, and compare the SQL and the non-SQL approaches. The demo and labs will use SQLite/SpatiaLite.

This is an intermediate level workshop; attendees with basic knowledge of SQL and FME will likely make the most out of the workshop.

Fully-configured laptops will be provided for up to 18 attendees.