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SRP Heritage Map

SRP Heritage Map
SRP Heritage Map
  • Contest: 2019 Best Story Map
  • Submitter: Brian Colson, GISP
  • Email: Brian.Colson@srpnet.com
  • Authors: Brian Colson, SRP Cartographic and GIS Services; Leah Harrison, Jodi Silvio, SRP Research Archives
  • Organization: Salt River Project (SRP)
  • Description: This story may is to help the public understand the important locations within Arizona that SRP has been a part of over SRP’s history. There are four tabs; water, power, public art, and historic sites. Each location is clickable, and includes pictures and detailed descriptions of information at that location. Additionally, locations of our Canal Interpretive Sign’s were also mapped for the public to have as a reference, and our canals are labeled for reference.

    The map is also embedded within our website at: https://srpnet.com/historymap
  • Data Sources: SRP Cartographic and GIS Services; SRP Research Archives
  • URL (web address): https://srp-gis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Shortlist/index.html?appid=117ba7a1fa0242969f5c4e66acbcfa53