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AZGIVS Improving 9-1-1 Data Statewide

AZGIVS Improving 9-1-1 Data Statewide
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The Arizona Geospatial Integration and Validation Solution  (AZGIVS) application  will allow authorized local data providers to upload 9-1-1 road network, address points and emergency service boundaries to an AZGEO-hosted web application and receive in return a Next Generation 9-1-1  (NG9-1-1) transformed data set  and a summary, quality assurance (QA) report based on the process.  The application will incorporate at least a subset of the various data QA processes developed by the State 9-1-1 office over the past several years relating to to 9-1-1 data sets.   Presenters will discuss the AZGIVS conceptual design and workflow, the various quality-assurance approaches it will incorporate and a draft user interface for the AZGIVS application.  Audience feedback on this developing application will be encouraged.

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