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Managing a Safe, Efficient, and Effective Field Team

Managing a Safe, Efficient, and Effective Field Team
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Managing a 100,000 street-light data collection project in only a span of six-months can have its fair share of obstacles, but can be achieved successfully through communication, productivity and efficiency. Using ESRI's Collector application and AWS (Amazon Web Services), the Evari GIS Consulting field team uses mobile mapping to provide quality streetlight maps for The City of Phoenix, which will be used for future energy efficiency and savings. This presentation would provide insight on the scope project, such as: the practices of field data collection (i.e. mobile mapping, approaches, etc.), the challenges faced during the project (obstacles, lessons learned, etc.), and newer methods of efficient data collection using various applications (Voxer, Fleet Cards, etc). Lastly, the presentation would close with discussing what the most effective strategies for managing a GIS project with a field team (Costs, Safety, Communication, Productivity).

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